EDIT: Updated with this dogshit poster which, of course, has Noah facing a big wave with his back to the viewer. That tagline though… wow. Also, Crowe is hilariously jaunted against the horizon line, so if you straighten the poster, the result is quite amusing.


If you’d like to see 15 or so seconds of NOAH footage, the embed below is your path to doing so. I must warn you that the footage is good, compelling stuff that will suck you in such a way that ¬†Entertainment Tonight’s happy little tune at the end of the video will be particularly jarring.

Already that looks exactly like what I would expect a big budget Aronofsky film would look like, with lots of textured, artful imagery amidst the beautifully captured epic stuff. I’m excited for more, should have waited for the full trailer tomorrow, didn’t, and now I’m sharing my sadness with you. I rarely post these tease teases, but there you go.

via /Film