Check this out… the first teaser trailer for Mirror’s Edge has just been released.


The game looks absolutely fantastic, as you can see. Besides a crappy European-only PSP game called Free Running there hasn’t been a parkour game done well before (although Altair’s movements in Assassin’s Creed are arguably inspired by the activity) …. but this one could be something special. The game is going to be all in first person like in the trailer, and there will be nothing that can stop you… any structure can be scaled, any fence jumped over or ducked under. It’s all moment based as well. You don’t start off running at a full clip, you have to build to it, and when you do, it’s easier to get where you need to go.

Would you believe that it was made by DICE, a company known pretty much only for the Battlefield series? The deal with the game is that the Swedish company really wants to start branching out, and they’ve sold so many copies of Battlefield for EA that they agreed to publish any original IP they developed. I can’t see them being unhappy with the way this one is turning out, though… it looks phenomenal.

There hasn’t been a ton of details about the story released yet, but you play as main character ‘Faith’ and during the game you’ll fight to free her sister from the authoritarian government, who’s taken over everything and made the city a nice safe place, at the expense of personal liberties (sounds familiar!). She plays a runner for a group of rebels who employ her to deliver messages, as digital forms of communication are monitored at all times.

More as we hear it!