Even as the bloodless Terminator 4: Whatever We’ve Decided To Call This Hunk of Shit started filming yesterday, new casting announcements were coming in. The latest name to join McGinty’s troupe of actors is Common, the rapper. He’ll be playing a member of John Connor’s inner circle of robot fighting resistance dudes, and, if McG still has the touch, possibly laying down some dope rhymes. Actually, does Common even record anymore?

I don’t imagine this news will sway anyone’s opinion on this project either way… except maybe the people who have been long clamoring for a Common action figure (I hope there’s a variant version that comes with his cab driver hat!). It’s kind of interesting that even the presence of Christian Bale, the fanboy equivalent of Viagra on legs, can’t seem to get folks whipped up into caring about this movie.

T4 will be opening next summer. We’ve got a whole year to opine over this one, boys!