In case you missed it, Sprint has developed an oddball marketing campaign aimed at fans of Star Wars and A Clockwork Orange. What we have here is an awkward series of commercials featuring two of the best vocal presences from films of the last fifty years. We all know that Malcolm McDowell and James Earl Jones have had their fair share of terrible roles in movies that should have never been made, but that does not change the fact that these two are responsible for some of the most memorable characters and quotes in modern cinema.

Sprint is arguably one of the worst cellular service providers in the states. Instead of focussing their efforts on internal issues such as terrible customer service, corrupt corporate policies and contracts that are written to scam customers, the company has decided that funding a bizarre series of ads that try too hard and are embarrassing to watch is worthwhile. Have a look a these two great actors as they stand on a blank stage in front of chairs, while wearing tuxes and reciting unbelievably asinine dialogue. When you’re done I strongly recommend having a few drinks and watching Time After Time and Conan the Barbarian. Cheers!