Here’s news likely to inspire tons of confidence in nerds across the globe: Josh Schwartz, the guy behind The OC and current OMFG billboard advertiser Gossip Girl, is working on a script for a new X-Men film. He says that the film will be a ‘prequel of sorts’ and will follow one teen who joins the Xavier Institute.

I’m not sure why they need to make it a prequel; I’ve always felt that New Mutants would make a fine X-Men 4, allowing those skinflints at Fox to get rid of most of their spendy stars (you keep one or two for cameos/small roles as instructors) while hitting the younger market. A prequel feels needlessly complicated to me.

It’s interesting to note that the original source of this story, which broke on Friday, is no longer there – Black Book Magazine, who talked to Schwartz personally, has taken their article down.