I’m super hyped for Dead Space. It’s not helping how the website for the game’s being constantly updated with blogs and videos from the development team, talking about all the features of the upcoming horror title. They just put up this new chat up with the developers where they talk a little about the story and its importance to the game.

(The videos don’t seem to be embedding just now, so simply follow this link)

I like the fact that they’re focusing so much on the story. I LOVE the fact that they’re seemingly looking to creep us out so badly that we’ll have to turn off the system. That hasn’t happened to me since Fatal Frame 2.

Besides the great site content, the first comic book tie-in has already been released, which was written by Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), who of course also did the art. The comic works as a prequel to the game, and will relate to the animated film that’s on the way as well. They’ve turned the first issue into a film of sorts, check it out to get a glimpse into the problems you’ll face in Dead Space… including (gulp) scientologists? Check it out right here.
Expect much more on this title, including some awesome Chud.com exclusives if all goes well. Check the official site out for all the details!