Frosty from the internet’s Collider cornered Adam McKay at yesterday’s Foot Fist Way press conference that I knew nothing about, and beat the following out of the famed yuk-teur:

Adam McKay: I’m looking to do another movie, I might do this other movie called Channel 3 Billion which is kind of this science fiction/Brazil type comedy. Then after that, Will and I are like let’s do Anchorman 2…so you’re talking like 2 years maybe we’ll do it. But we’re going to do it, for sure.

Collider: That’s like 100%?

Adam McKay: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re dying to do it. Unless we can’t get the cast together, which is always kind of a tricky thing. But, I think, with that cast we’re all friends, so yeah, we want to do it.

I always thought Adam McKay and Will Ferrell were kidding about Anchorman 2, but if they can somehow get everyone’s schedules to match up (much easier said than done now that they’re all super-popular movie stars)… why the hell not? Anchorman‘s only the most quotable comedy since Caddyshack. What’s the worst that could happen?

“Mr. Crabs.” Hm. Just don’t let Dan Aykroyd anywhere near this thing.