Headlines like this… damn, I miss the talkbacks.

AICN’s crushingly succulent Moriarty has noticed something in the done-gone-live second trailer for The Dark Knight: the Joker gots the dropsies. As for what or whom he’s dropping from a great height… could be no one, could be someone very integral to the emotional fabric of the newfangled Batman narrative. I’m going with…

… the latter.

It’s not a spoiler if it’s in the trailer, folks. But your hate mail is appreciated all the same.

I’m not sure this trailer is an improvement over the last spot, but it certainly doesn’t diminish my high expectations for Christopher Nolan’s film (which, you might’ve heard, hits theaters on July 18th).

Unrelated: Dellamorte and I were throwing back beers post-Iron Man yesterday (great Downey, decent movie), and we speculated that the Watchmen trailer will likely premiere in front of The Dark Knight. If WB’s smart, however, they’ll hold it for the second weekend and debut it on Friday at Comic Con as well. That way, they’ll get their repeat business throughout most of the country without gypping the fans who’ve pilgrimaged to So Cal. There’s something too logical about that.

I also have a theory that says Watchmen moves into December to take advantage of Star Trek‘s absence, but that’s based on nothing but gut speculation (and I’ve got plenty of gut with which to speculate).