Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Iron Man   $100,750,000 $24,543 $104,250,000
2 Made of Honor $15,500,000  $5,679 $15,500,000
3 Baby Mama $10,332,000 (-40.6%) $4,054 $32,330,000
4 Forgetting Sarah Marshall   $6,132,000 (-44.4%) $2,135 $44,804,000
5 Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay $6,015,000 (-59.7%) $2,363 $25,270,000
6 The Forbidden Kingdom   $4,200,000 (-62.5%) $1,418 $45,124,000
7 Nim’s Island   $2,750,000 (-39.5%) $1,109 $42,544,000
8 Prom Night $2,500,000 (-44.5%) $1,027 $41,447,000
9 21 $2,100,000 (-47.7%) $936 $79,057,000
10 88 Minutes $1,600,000 (-55.5%) $906 $15,424,000

This just in: Death has been named the number one killer of otters. More as this develops, though modern science is already working on finding some sort of cure.

If you’re in Hollywood and see a truck loaded with hot chicks like they’re cattle, don’t worry, it’s probably just going to the house of someone who produced Iron Man. Dear sweet baby-mama of Jesus, that’s a shit-ton of cash. Some were suggesting it might not make much more than $60 million, others feared the impact that Grand Theft Auto IV might have on the opening, David Polland suggested a $75-$80 range, and your humble Andre Dellamorte thought it would just squeak over the $90 mark. Those people who were saying GTA was going to have an impact, they’re going to say they were wrong, right? Like political commentators who make up non-issues to generate a question that no one’s asking, there’s a lot of bullshit bout stuff like this. But, unless Paramount and Marvel cooked the books something fierce, this opening is a stunner, and that sequel they were playing footsie with on Thursday is a done deal. It’ll be interesting to see if it struggles to get to $300 (Spider-Man opened in 2002 to a similar number and got to $400) simply because of the competition that will be raining chocolate on it by Memorial Day weekend. But this is terrible news for Speed Racer. Terrible. Especially since word of mouth is super-positive on this one, and the film might only drop 50% next weekend and will likely hold the top spot. It should be way over $200 by the time Prince Caspian shows up, but it may need the Memorial day boost to get near $300, and could be tagging out by You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. It could also be playing through to July if some of these other films are weak sisters. But, piles of money are ready to be swam through fo sho.
Made of Honor… Such a disappointment. Then again, The picture will likely play into Sex and the City. It will likely get to $40 or possibly more because What Happens in Vegas is a bit more racuous. Has anyone here seen it, if so please don’t spoil the ending for me. Just don’t. I don’t want to know if Patrick Dempsey gets the girl or not. I could see it going either way. I’m really bummed because I was going to pitch Made if Honor 2: My Best Woman on Tuesday. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Guh.

As for the rest of the list, who cares. Harold and Kumar 2 has doubled its production budget, the rest of the films might hang around for a while until more films come out, but they’ve gone black and white, and Iron-Man is in full color, baby, you dig? It’s hydro-sonic 3-D stereophonic, all the way.  Oh crapped pants, I just got inhabited by the ghost of Hollywood’s representation of a beatnik. It happens. As the emperor would say: “Ultimate power.”