The Wackness is presenting a serious difficulty for me. I want to overhype the film and get your expectations way raised so that you’ll have a complete backlash experience and, when the film doesn’t give you a prostate massage, come back to the site and complain about it – you know, the usual internet movie cycle – but every time Sony Pictures Classics releases a new bit of marketing I find myself annoyed and stymied. SPC needs to help me overhype this film by releasing some good materials, not the garbage they’ve been spewing. This new poster frankly feels like it was thrown together to meet a deadline – I’d expect to see this in the DVD special features under ‘Unused Art.’ The only thing noteworthy on the poster is that the CBGBs awning has been rearranged to GB CBs, I guess to avoid copyright infringement.

Trust me, guys – this movie is the real deal. Don’t go by the advertising materials.

Hit Cinematical to see the full sized poster.