I’ve had a few conversations with people this week about where the summer box office is going to go. And once you get past the obvious points — Iron Man, Indy, Wall-E — my attention keeps focusing on one movie: Hancock. Even with some of the people that propelled I Am Legend‘s box office take feeling burned by the fact that Legend was an awful movie, Will Smith has power. All Sony needed to do is cut a great trailer and Hancock would be ready to go gangbusters.

This may be that trailer. This three-minute spot has a lot more plot, a spectrum of jokes that covers everything from Jason Bateman’s deadpan Greenpeace line to a guy’s head being shoved up someone else’s ass and even some clips of Charlize Theron. All without totally giving away the last act of the film. (Though I definitely get the idea that Charlize plays into it.) Tighten up the CGI a little more and we’re good. Actually, better than good. Peter Berg might really clean up.

It’s like Iron Man has put the heat on everyone to actually sell their movie well this summer. First Hulk, now this. Can we just get a decent trailer for The Wackness already?

Head over to Yahoo to see the new trailer. Hancock opens July 2.