Oh man, The Raid.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 11.05.32 AMOne of the most concussive action films in ages, The Raid knocked a lot of people –including me– on their ass with creative, relentless martial arts action captured with rare clarity. It didn’t hurt that the film featured a solid, straightforward story that didn’t get in the way of the fun, or vice versa. Director Gareth Evans —who is an absolute pleasure to interview— and his massive team of Indonesian filmmakers, actors, and stunt artists delivered something very special in 2011, and now they’ve picked up right where they left off.

The trailer for The Raid: Berandal promises a sequel with much more sweep and a more distinct visual flair, with lots more gangster goings-on. As the cold teaser ramps up though, there are flashes of some truly brutal action ahead. There are plenty of big films next year, but for those who saw Evans’ first film, few of those film will generate nearly as much excitement as this one.

Sony Pictures Classics has announced they’ll release the film in the States next year. We don’t yet know when.

Thanks to Judas Booth