With all the Iron Man hubub this week I’d almost forgotten that the wonderful Son of Rambow opens in a few theaters tomorrow. It’s only on five screens this weekend, but will be expanding over the next couple weeks; I know Atlanta gets the film on the 16th. Devin and I will likely both have reviews, though I’ll hold mine for one of those expansion weeks. In the meantime, the LA Times has quotes from the only reviewer that matters: Sylvester Stallone.

“When I first heard . . . I assumed it was going to be a very broad and
stylized joke-a-minute comedy at Rambo’s expense,” Sylvester Stallone
said by e-mail. But he took a look at “Son of Rambow,” the playfully
rambunctious tale of two boys in 1980s small-town England, and liked
what he saw.

“The fact that it was so heartwarming is the result of brilliant filmmaking by its creators,” Stallone said.

Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith use a lot of clips from First Blood in their movie which, if you’ve missed all our other coverage, has two young boys creating their own homage/sequel to the film as a means of escaping their own circumstances. Good enough that all the clips were authorized in the end, but Stallone’s endorsement is a nice touch. And he’s completely right — the movie is heartwarming and brilliant. See it if you can this weekend, or look into times through the next couple weeks in May as the rollout moves forward.

(If you’re in the Southeast, it might not be too late to write in for tickets to one of our sponsored screenings.)