7 - BMQ3Xzx

I like Gandalf’s more leonine look in this poster- his gorgeous flowing mane has never been exploited to this degree before. The way he clasps his sword and the size of his robes give him a more diminished, fearful look in this shot than the typical majesty afforded him. Considering the ugly things Gandalf discovers in this next film about what’s brewing for Middle Earth, that’s pretty damn appropriate. Somebody was thinkin’ on headshot day!

This is one of seven new posters for the film (joining the recent trailer), which you’ll be seeing somewhere on or around December 13th in one of its various formats. That does indeed include 48fps again, though it’s said to look better this time around.

I’m wondering whose bright idea it was to skip Smaug character poster. Get that dragon up on a one-sheet, man! Maybe they’re saving it for later this month…

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