Don’t mess with a formula, I guess. Transformers had a hot Aussie in a role, so Transformers 2 looks to be getting a hot Aussie in a role. According to the The Courier Mail (via Coming Soon), Teresa Palmer will be joining the cast of the megablockbuster sequel. You might remember her from Wolf Creek and The Grudge 2. My understanding of the story (which I learned about during the strike,
so anything could have changed) is that the Aussie hacker from the
first film won’t be coming back, so Palmer will be the only Down Under

This is Palmer’s second chance at a blockbuster; the actress had been cast in George Miller’s aborted Justice League movie as Talia al Ghul, daughter of R’as al Ghul. Her attachment to Transformers 2 reads to this reporter like another nail in that movie’s official coffin.

There’s no confirmation of the validity of this casting outside of the Courier Mail, but that hasn’t stopped Jonah Hill from campaigning for a love scene with his new co-star.