I know it makes no difference to the majority of CHUD’s viewing audience, but I feel rather badly for the, let’s say, infrequent updating of my blog.  It’s my resolution to write more frequently in the new year, and I’ve concocted a little game to throw up bi-weekly in an effort to grease the wheels, so to speak.  The rules are simple: I pick a DVD off of my shelves and then post a mish-mash of words from the back cover synopsis (nothing too easy, you understand: there’ll be no “Shaun pub Winchester zombies laughs!” entries at any point*) leaving you the CHUD audience to guess which film they belong to in the comments section below.  I have no endgame in sight for the game at this juncture, but there could be a prize in the forseeable future for whoever accumulated the most right answers (first, as is the way of the internet comment hierarchy) through a half-year or something such as that.  So, anyways, long-winded explanation out of the way, let’s get to entry number one:

“When fancier sees act dead-bang together ultimately run eluding history benchmark ferocious selected forerunner carny arousal foolish unforgiving sights.”

Best of luck!

*And it should go without saying, but don’t try and type these into a search engine to cheat your way to the answer guys. That’s dirty pool.