When I walked out of my screening of Iron Man (I swear to Christ that this review will get finished), I asked a Paramount rep if there was something after the credits. I thought it would be a sting that set up the villain for the sequel (a villain whose presence will be noticed only by the hardcore fans), but the rep told me there wasn’t anything once the credits ran.

Except there is!

It turns out that Australia, which is located in a time/space rift and thus in the future, is getting reports from the first public screenings of Iron Man that say Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury makes his long-rumored cameo after the credits. Moviehole got this from Aussie journalist Adam Richard:

‘Sam Jackson as Nick Fury is indeed in Iron Man. The final spool of the film was not screened to journos and reviewers as it only arrived in Australia yesterday ahead of premiere screenings. I saw the film a few weeks ago to prep for a Downey Jr interview, and went again last night (cos i loved it SOOOO much!) and at the end of the credits is an awesome 40 seconds or so with Stark and Nick Fury. I may have soiled myself slightly…’

Damn, I would have liked to have seen that. Is this Paramount’s way of bleeding a couple of extra bucks out of critics?

Now you’ve been warned: stick through the film all the way to the end.