We don’t post a lot of clips just for the sake of doing so, but I’ve got a couple that are cool and/or odd enough to make it worthwhile. Neither is news by a long shot, though.

The first is courtesy of Empire Online, and it’s a minor rebirth of a franchise a lot of people would be happy to see return: Gremlins. Unfortunately, they’re reborn as an ad for British communications company BT. Still, a bunch of Gremlins invading a modern office is fun enough to deserve a click.

Click the picture above to go to the hosted clip.

The second clip, embedded below, is harder to stomach, but fans of Lost In Translation might be…bemused. Maybe. It’s the first official video from Scarlett Johansson’s collection of Tom Waits covers. I’ve been fascinated by the very idea of this thing since it was first announced. And while there’s no way I’ll listen to any song more than once or twice, I get a kick out of seeing Johansson make her own version of Lost In Translation for the purpose of this video. Narcisissm unbridled! And is that Salman Rushdie? Waits fans might want to turn the sound down.

I’d love to have the talkbacks return for this article so I can hear how pointless it was. I looked for an excuse to post Scarlett’s video all day yesterday, and am using the Gremlins as a crutch today. My defense: could some of the Johansson video actually be behind the scenes on The Spirit? I’d swear I caught a flash of Sam Jackson in there.