Doom and Pathfinder were not good for Karl Urban’s career. That’s putting things mildly, but I don’t think I need any elaborate analogy to demonstrate how that one-two punch, followed now by working with Tony Kaye (Black Water Transit), might not make him an agent’s wet dream. Star Trek could turn things around, but by then he’ll be knee deep in Relentless, a 3D action flick directed by the guy who made 3000 Miles To Graceland.  

Demian Lichtenstein has, according to Variety, been ‘shadowing’ James Cameron during Avatar’s birthing process, and has been brought up to speed on current 3D tech by the folks at DreamWorks as well.

So far, 3D has been a big-budget affair, but Relentless is just a $25 million dollar flick. Sayeth the trade, “It’s the story of four extreme sports professionals who survive a plane crash in the Amazon jungle, and must use all their survival instincts as they are hunted by a group of homicidal natives.” Sounds ridiculous, but a down and dirty 3D action flick is something I think a lot of people can latch onto. Throw Kurt Russell in there somewhere and I think we’re all sold.