Wonder where those new Hulk images Devin posted earlier came from? Well, they’re all from the new trailer, which you can see in tasty HD over at Apple.

In my eyes this is a big improvement over the flat first trailer, but that’s not saying a lot. The first third here pulls way too much from the vibe of the Bourne series, and it doesn’t have the same punch. But once we start to see some Roth and a bit of Hulkamania, even with the Hulk’s shiny CGI skin, it picks up. This clip finally demonstrates the root of the movie’s Hulk vs Abomination setup, for one. And I definitely dig seeing the green guy wielding pieces of military vehicles as weapons, though in some ways that just makes me want to play the Hulk Ultimate Destruction again. Finally check the King Kong moment at about 2:15. Yow.