The first thing a lot of people might hone in on in Variety’s article about Matthew Vaughn’s new scriptwriting deal is the lack of mention about Thor. No surprise there, really; the picture isn’t going to move at least until Iron Man‘s returns are in, and possibly not until the Hulk has had time to simmer down.

For now, though, this is interesting news. Vaughn has signed on to produce (through his shingle Marv Films) and co-write (with Stardust partner Jane Goldman) a remake of the Israeli film Ha-hov. The general title translation is The Debt, which will also be the name of Vaughn’s version. The pic follows a trio of Mossad agents on the trail of a Nazi war criminal that escaped them thirty years before.  

A director has yet to be announced. Despite Marv’s first-look deal with Sony, Miramax will distribute worldwide next year. Take that as an indication of the scale we can expect from the picture. Think just slightly smaller than Munich. OK, a lot smaller.