All month long I’ve been posting horror-comedy shorts (dealing with horror movie conventions) that I directed for MadAtoms. Last week’s video dipped into a slasher movie trope I call “corpse art” — a topic I discussed here on CHUD several years ago in my Horror 101 column. Well, I dipped back into that reserve for inspiration a second time with this week’s piece; an age-old staple of the horror genre: Ominous TowniesOminous Townies have been around as long as the horror genre itself. Be they carriage passengers telling our hero not to visit the castle he is seeking, or surly pub patrons warning our hero to stay off the moors, Ominous Townies seem like they want to help. Yet their cryptic and guarded warnings never do the trick. The heroes never listen, and then bad things happen. You can read more about Ominous Townies here.

Watch the Sad Slasher series below.