I like to imagine that I made this happen. Not for any particular reason, because I had nothing to do with this in any way, shape or form, but just because I like to imagine that I’m important or something. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jonah Hill is in talks to appear in Transformers 2 as Shia LaBeouf’s college roommate, a guy who runs a conspiracy website.

If you’re going to have a comedic sidekick in your giant robot movie, why not go for the best available? I like the idea of Hill in this film, and I can already imagine the scene where he first sees Bumblebee transformed into a robot (I’m picturing a shot angled down at Hill’s face, with his eyes wide and his mouth gaping as he says something like ‘Holy shit’ or trails off in the middle of a sentence. Perhaps he is holding something in his hand and drops it. Bay, call me, I think we have similar visions). Plus, I’m all for gigs that can give Hill a good paycheck.

Meanwhile Jonah Hill is shooting Ricky Gervais’ This Side of the Truth, which has such a brilliant script that I am vibrating in anticipation of the actual film.