I know you’re like me and skipping meals and sleep until you’re able to see Rob Cohen’s first foray into Stephen Sommers’ most lucrative franchise [aside of course, from Deep Rising… well in my dream world at least] you’ll be pleased to see that the teaser poster has crept up on us in all its particle effects glory.

The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is summarized as follows:

In the Far East, trouble-seeking father-and-son duo
Rick and Alex O’Connell unearth the mummy of the first Emperor of Qin
— a shape-shifting entity who was cursed by a wizard centuries ago.

Frankly, as much as I still love Jet Li [and as long as Fist of Legend exists I always will], he’s no substitute for Arnold Vosloo when it comes to film about shrink-wrapped ancient entities. Jet Li when stripped of his martial arts and/or Wuxia work, is boring. Except when he’s playing Yulaw but even then martial arts and/or Jason Stathams are involved. As a Mummy villain, he’s nothing more than a menacing mo-cap recipient with foreign pre-sale value.

At best, this film should be some dumb fun in the same way a National Treasure movie would be but in the same summer we get an Indiana Jones film [or Indy-lite as I suspect], it seems odd to see this hitting theaters in the summer season. Is there still any demand for this?

Either way, enjoy your screaming dead face.

If you so desire, see it large here.

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