Bootlegs are bullshit. It gives folks who actually play by the rules a bad name. Then again, the parents of Bree Sharp gave their kid a bad name.

That said regarding bootlegs, THIS BOOTLEGGED TRAILER for the upcoming Indiana Jones film actually has merit. The first salvo of marketing for this almost grudgingly anticipated film [it’s no Treasure of the Four Crowns] has been less than inspiring. This upcoming trailer, though still filled with benign dialogue, feels like an Indiana Jones film.

And that’s all most of us really want. No one in their right mind should expect this to even be as good as the rather shitty [for an Indy film] Last Crusade, but if it feels like an organic extension of the storyline it’s hard not to at least feel the exercise was worth it.

Hey, did I hear something wrong or did Indy make a comment about a crystal skull made of solid gold? Is that possible? I’m just going old in my deaf age..

As an aside, I’m revisiting the original trilogy in the new DVD set for an upcoming review on this site and there’s already been a few things about the series that have been rather illuminating to me having seen them after a nice long break from the world of globe-trotting archaeologists.

Stay tuned for that. I know you’ve got bated breath.

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