Sierra Online recently held a Spring Event where they showed off quite a few new games they have in the works. One of the more interesting ones is titled Zombie Wranglers from developer Frozen Codebase, and will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the third quarter of 2008.

As you might be able to tell from the title, here you play as a kid whose hometown of Potters Field has been infested with zombies! You have to grab your “Wrangler-Pack” and take down all of the pesky flesh eaters, using one of four different kids with different abilities.
There’s of course going to be all kinds of different weapons, upgradeable abilities, and enemies to mess with… the game will also support 4-player co-op so you can wrangle the undead with your friends. If you don’t play well with others you can also go into an Arena mode to compete with others, either online or off.

As you can probably tell from the screenshots, the game is very cartoony and stylized… all about the cell-shading. It’s a much cuter game than you’d expect from the subject matter and seems tailor-made for kids (no blood?), which may turn some of you off but hopefully it’s as fun as some of the reports from the event have said.

Could we have the next Zombies Ate My Neighbors here? Let’s hope so.

(Although, come to think of it, someone get on revamping that game for XBLA. It’ll sell a ton!)