I asked Will Ferrell about the look and tone of Brad Silberling’s Land of the Lost last February. Here’s what he had to say:

Q:  Will, if I could just ask about Land of the Lost.  I know you are going to change the tone of it, but are you going to keep the kitschy look of the creatures?

Everything is going to be kind of ramped up a little bit.  The kitsch
of the physical production of the TV show was kind of thrown out the
window.  The dinosaurs and everything are going to look very realistic,
or as realistic as we think dinosaurs should look.  But even the
Sleestaks and things like that, they are all going to be real creatures
as opposed to in the show, where you saw a guy with a costume and a
zipper running up his back.

Woody Harrelson:  So, you will have the zipper or you won’t have the zipper?

Ferrell:  You will not be able to see the zipper.

Woody:  CGI it?

Ferrell:  CGI it out. You think that’s a good decision?

Woody:  I think that’s smart.

Q:  You may want to CG the zipper in.

Ferrell:  We might do that later in post if the audience misses the zipper.

Eh… I prefer hastily-made and ill-fitting. But I see Will’s point.

Land of the Lost is due out July 17, 2009. It co-stars Anna Friel and Sir Danny McBride, and was not written by Eldridge Cleaver.