So, Batman Arkham Origins hits this Friday across the globe, and to remind those who may have forgotten, or not seen baby Bruce Wayne get the shit kicked out of him to a tinkly piano somewhere on TV the last week or so, we have this launch trailer, which still doesn’t say a whole lot about the storyline aside from Black Mask really, really, REALLY wanting Batman dead. Still, it has lots of Batman punching dudes, flying armor, the new Batvoice (which really does seem like the middle ground between Bale and Conroy, and I’m still not sure how I feel about that), lots of guys with inauspicious Brooklyn accents, and did I mention bats? It has them.

What I’d personally like to take the time to remind folks of is the fact that the 3DS title, Blackgate, hits the exact same day, and is a completely separate game than this, and, if my limited time with it at E3 was any indication, has a genuine shot at being the better game. Or at least a fascinating one. We’ll find out together. In the meantime, enjoy your daily punching allotment.

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