Short on stars and long on profitability, the Date Movie/Epic Movie/Meet the Spartans yet wheezes. And as long as the writing/directing duo of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer can keep delivering $18 million opening weekends, there’s no reason to expect that their depressing brand of unfunny will go the way of Ted Wass anytime soon.

This film – which begins shooting today in Shreveport for an August 29th release (the first time a film has been rushed into production for a Labor Day weekend debut?) – is currently untitled, so who knows what hugely popular Hollywood entertainment they’ll be skewering this time. I Am Legend? Harry Potter? The Scary Movie franchise? Since they’ve already “parodied” the broad comedy of Along Came Polly, why not go the meta-moronic route?

Normally, I wouldn’t bother with this shit, but one particular bit of casting (aside from noted hole, Kim Kardashian) intrigued me: G-Thang. After resolving the obligatory rapper/comedian conundrum (he’s a comic), I went searching for G-Thang’s greatest hits, hoping to find the next Shucky Ducky. I am happy to report that he’s so much more than that. Ever wonder how Ray Charles fucked? ‘Cuz, you know, he’s blind and shit? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you G-Thang.

“Just put the dick where it’s supposed to go.” Women, as ever, be shoppin’.