Everybody’s doing it these days; viral marketing is the big thing for nerd movies. The Dark Knight has a viral campaign that is redefining the level of interaction and complexity such a thing can have*, but Hellboy II: The Golden Army is doing its part. At the recent New York Comic Con members of HETFET – Humans For the Ethical Treatment of Faeries, Elves and Trolls – staged a protest march. Now a video has shown up on YouTube that leads to another viral site, called TheSecretDevice.com, which in turn leads to a girl’s video blog centered on faeries. It’s all building to something.

Check out the spooky YouTube clip below, and then go to TheSecretDevice.com and try to unlock the mysteries in the site. And there’s another video I’ve included below that, don’t miss it.

As of this writing the only comment on the clip above’s YouTube page is from Savage Enterprises, and the only clip on their page is the fucking awesome one below. I don’t know a thing about this, but I love it.

*I dread the junket for The Dark Knight; it’s going to be the Heath Ledger Memorial Roundtables. But I’m very interested in talking with the people who put together this massive and intensive viral campaign – just organizing one city’s worth of viral activity seems to be daunting, but these guys have done it nationwide, and in non-major markets.