Please send letters.

William Writes:

Hey, Nick. Saw today you’re
considering shutting down the talkbacks. Understandable with the personal
attacks & general negativity. However, I will say-if you cut through the
crap-that’s where a lot of good discussion is happening. Maybe I’m biased
because that’s where I post. (If you see Rabid apologist/fan club/appreciation
society, 95 % it’s either my friends or I) why not just erase the posts that
are blatantly offensive or unjustly personal? I’ve had a post or two deleted
for being silly (and I suppose unfunny or rude. No problem, I accept it. Don’t
see why it’s just not done more. As for the alternative, I don’t see myself
joining the MB’s. Not because I’m lazy as some suggested. But because I
have no interest trying to break through the social barriors in order to be
acknowledged in conversation. I read the boards, and I see newcomers ignored
even when they say something interesting. Plus, if old school guys like Dre,
Devin, etc. can’t make those people talk about film, what hope have I? (With
the talkbacks, rightly or wrongly, I feel I’m responding to the writer/being
heard) Have you read the talkbacks in Dre’s blog? People are trying to talk
movies, music, etc. and regular messageboard people rarely join in. How do I
know? Because the people posting there are mostly people I know! Anyway, I
understand this site is your baby. I encourage you to do whatever makes you
happiest. Whatever happens, I’ll still be reading the main page &
supporting the CHUD family. Thanks for your time. Tell the writers they’re
doing a fantastic job. a loyal chewer, James (P.S Don’t know if you phased
out Owen. If you did it was the right decision. I noticed some trolls trying to
make fun of him being gone <“missing”> for some reason.
Fuck them.Just shows sometimes you can’t win either way. CHUD kicks ass. Keep
getting better. I know you will!)

Nick Replies:

There has been plenty of decent discussion on the talkbacks and I’m fully expecting the technical work that’s about to be done to help reinstate them with more security in check as well as a robust registration system that tightens the reins enough so that people can use them without being frivolous. The bottom line is that I’ve gotten tons of comments from people about the talkbacks (including a few industry pros) who said it cheapens the site and makes it harder to enjoy it. That’s unacceptable.

David Writes:

I’m not a member of the forum, so I
can’t vote on whether or not to kill the talkbacks. So this is my plea direct
to you: unless they can be linked with the forum Kill them – with extreme prejudice!

Nick Replies:


Christine Writes:

again. Just wanted to send off a quick letter praising the writing lately. The
current list might’ve started shaky, but it’s rolling now. The articles by
Jeremy, Devin, & Russ have been great. I’m amazed by the consistent level
of wit; love the geek in-jokes & snark. (Also, appreciate the phasing down,
hopefully out of the overmatched, unpopular you-know-who) A suggestion: the
last several days everything seemed to slow way down. I thought Devin’s idea of
a week-end topic was a good one. I enjoyed participating. I encourage you to
continue it (even maybe have a daily discussion, a film favorite of the day)
Anything to keep the people engaged & conversation flowing. Thanks again.
Look forward to continual enjoyment of the best movie site on the web.-Jim (An
idea for a future lists: 2 great films that go great together. Favorite double

Nick Replies:

Glad you’re liking the content that’s been happening. I’m hoping that May 1st sees a new level of vitality here because frankly I feel we’ve been treading water if not stagnating. The blogs have slowed. The signature columns have slowed. The reviews have slowed or at the least started coming out after release rather than before. We have a lot of work to do around here. Thanks for writing.

Ryan Writes:

In the fifth column
of this series, Devin wrote:

We like most of these movies. Fight Club is
a really good movie, expertly made and viscerally thrilling and exciting. I
only say this because there’s a vocal segment of people out there who have been
defeated by understanding and who think that we’re just trashing popular movies
in this series (which isn’t to say that we
won’t be trashing
popular movies, of course) instead of thinking it through and grasping what
‘Overblown’ or ‘Misunderstood’ means.

Fight Club is the epitome of misunderstood
movies. It’s a film that grabs the audience and takes them through the first
95% of the story with masterful ease, getting us to identify with some people
doing some pretty terrible things. More than identify – we want to be doing
those things too. But it’s the last 5% of the movie, the last few minutes,
where it all comes together to mean something different… and most people seem
to just miss it.

I think there is confusion as to what this series is about and, no offense
here, but I think it’s yr guys’ fault.  Part of the problem is the title
of the column…who is the ‘You’?  Because the presumption, as the reader,
is that you mean me.  And some of the criticisms leveled at the movies on
the list are actually criticisms of the audience.  This is particularly
true with the ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Clockwork Orange’ entries, wherein you and
Jeremy, Devin, etc. dis the audience for not getting the movie.  Well, I
love both movies.  And I understand them.  I presume that most of the
chewers feel the same way (I realize there are ‘tards on the boards–emphasis
on the word most). 

So, if you guys realize that we get the movies, than why are you writing to
us–your audience–about the retardation of other folks?  Why not go over
to AICN and just post this stuff on some random boards over there? 
Otherwise, you’re explaining to me why I shouldn’t like a movie cos some other
guy doesn’t get it.  And, despite Devin’s words, a lot of the columns read
like a bad review. 

Word, tho, to Dellamorte–his criticism of ‘Ferris…’ was the only entry in
the series thus far that’s made total sense.  I think it works because its
actually a deeper analysis of the movie–casting Ferris as a borderline fascist
icon of the Daydream Nation.  That’s getting somewhere.  That’s
criticism.  Saying that a Clockwork Orange doesn’t work as a movie because
most movie goers aren’t intelligent enough to understand that Alex is a bad
guy?  That’s just retarded.  And presumptuous.

But I still totally love you guys.  In that totally hetero way, tho, where
if I saw you, I might call you ‘brah’ and punch you on the arm and then make a
fart joke. Or whatever.

Nick Replies:

The purpose of the article is to point a finger at ourselves and the folks out there who have made sacred cows out of films who have either gotten too much of a reputation that precedes them, been built up without merit, or ones that simply aren’t as good as we think. Instead of focusing on white or black, this series is about the gray zone. Which is why we have debate between the staff on them. This is more for discussion than for bashing films or crying for attention. These are films we’ve seen a lot, ones we own. Ones that for some reason or another need the veneer pulled back a little if for nothing else than to inform the newer film fanatics and younger people out there not to tow the party line .

Shawn Writes:

Hey Nick! Just wanted to let you
guys know that Hammer Films (Hammer Horror) teamed up with to make
thier first film in like 30 years or so!!!! Its called “Beyond the
Rave” and will be a serial of sorts that plays in episodes on myspace tv.
Im not to sure what its about (from the trailers it looks like a bunch of good
looking teens and or early 20’s kids being killed by….something). What I did
notice is that other than having the Hammer name, it looks nothing like
anything we have come to love and expect from Hammer (i.e. castles, boobs, wenches,
period settings and well….boobs)! The episodes start today…who knows, it
may be good.

Oh and….Anchor Bay has released or
rereleased a bunch of flicks under the cult flim or cult cinima (I dont
remember which) heading! In the series of (I belive) 10 films,
“C.H.U.D.” is (I think) #6!!! I bought “Class of 1984”!
From what I could tell (without haveing my copy of Chud to compair), the
“new” rerelease of Chud is the same as the old one but with a new
cover and slip jacket!

Thanks for the awesome site!

Nick Replies:

Thanks for the note! I don’t know how to feel about an incarnation of Hammer now. It’s not like it’s the same people or the same era, and Hammer has a firm hold on a place and time. MySpace seems about as odd a pairing with Hammer as possible. Also, I know Peter Cushing is busy and Christopher Lee probably isn’t lending his gravitas to these shorts. I’ll wait and see. Thanks for the update on the Anchor Bay stuff. I’m amazed they double dipped something!

Delbert Writes:

Congratulations on the news that that MEG might
be back on track again. Will we be getting updates on the production process
through Chud?

Nick Replies:

You read the LA Times article, eh? I’m going to keep mum on Meg. I’ve learned that lesson already. Am I going to be involved? Never say never.

Ryan Writes:

know you have little control over the advertising, but fuck man, surely there’s
something you can do about that epileptic-inducing ‘THIS IS NOT A JOKE’ banner.
Its enough for me to stop reading, and seriously, how many people would actually
click on that piece of shit?

Nick Replies:

I wouldn’t click on it either, but all the sites I frequent have annoying ads and either I refresh the page or patiently wait for it to cool off before going about my business. To me it’s the same thing as waiting for a car to pass so I can cross the street or a wasp flying nearby. I adapt and move on. Ads are harmless. Sometimes… GACK… they help us figure out shit and services we want even!

Bunny Writes:

Your new podcast ripped my shit up! My husband and I have downloaded them all and listen to them on our ipod on trips right along with our Lewis Black and Mitch Hedberg albums. Don’t stop making Justin laugh.

Nick Replies:

Thanks a ton! I like them too, and one of the main reasons I do them is to see if I can get Justin to laugh. I mean, let’s be honest… Steve’s kind of useless as a man and a personality, but his dearth of charisma and individuality makes myself and Justin look sparkling in comparison and that’s important in a show. If he wasn’t gay I’d call Steve the straight man.

Switch Writes:
I hate the talkbacks.
I hate them. They are filled with people who are obviously retarded and can
only say negative, hateful things. It makes reading the news a drag, sure, I
could stop scrolling down, but once in a while someone has something worthwhile
to say or there’s an interesting discussion gong on. I can’t completely skip
them, what if I miss out on something great?

I think the biggest problem with the talkbacks right now is that it isn’t
moderated at all, everyone does whatever they like. Why don’t you guys
implement community moderation along the lines of other popular sites like Digg
or YouTube. A simple thumbs up/down would help a lot, hateful comments would
get buried so noboy would read them, as a result nobody feels liek typing them
anymore, what’s the point if nobody’s going to read it?

I hope you take this suggestion in consideration and keep up the great work
with CHUD, I can’t live a day without you guys.

Nick Replies:

Read this thread. It’ll be the place to stay apprised of the status of the talkbacks. Thanks for your comments.