Checkov ever say anything about a plane in the first act having to crash by the third?

It’s a shame this trailer has to give up so much of the goose in the trailer, but I guess there’s a large segment of this film’s audience that aren’t “gonna see it unless that motherfucker crashes.” But it’s nice to see one of Liam Neeson’s boilerplate hyper-competent roles that isn’t another variation on Taken.

I wonder if Non-Stop might be a little too scary for Neeson’s older action audience though- what would boomer white dudes fear more than being mistaken for a plane-hijacking terrorist, and having to text incessantly while you try and save the day?

Also, I see this is Hollywood’s gift to me, as the film hits right smack on my birthday next year, February 28th, 2014. I get to choose between this and the new Platinum Dunes found-footage time-travel film Almanac. Awesome.