Over at JoBlo.com, your friend and my gastroenterologist, Dave Davis, has posted the trailer for the remake of Larry Cohen’s killer infant classic, It’s Alive. According to DD, Millennium Films will be using this spoiler-filled three-minute reel to entice potential distributors at next month’s Cannes Film Festival. While I understand the pragmatism of inspecting the goods (especially when the director of The Thirteenth Floor is involved), shouldn’t “murderous mutant baby” pretty much sell itself?

Interestingly, Cohen is involved as a co-writer on the new film, which stars Bijou Phillips as the mother of the deadly spawn. I don’t know who’s playing the detective assigned to The Case of the Delivery Room Massacre, but the streaming image fooled me for a second into thinking it was Stephen Rea. Please… between FeardotCom and Sisters, he’s suffered enough.

If there’s anything to be said in the new It’s Alive‘s favor based on this trailer, it’s that director Josef Rusnak isn’t stinting on the gore or the nudity (as if the latter is ever an issue when Ms. Phillips is involved). The film doesn’t look like much, but it’s a killer baby movie; we are all duty-bound to support it when/if it hits theaters.