This afternoon I interviewed Ryan Schiffrin, director of the terrific Bigfoot movie Abominable (which I wrote about back in the day, but I can’t seem to find the link) about his hit comic book series, Spooks, which he co-writes with Larry Hama. Hama is perhaps best known as the guy who wrote the Marvel GI Joe comic all through its glory days and is credited with creating beloved characters like Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes (in fact Hama, who was brought in to consult on the GI Joe movie, has a cameo role as a general). Spooks is about a covert military team that goes after monsters, ghosts and ghouls, making the team of Schiffrin and Hama sort of perfect.

While we were talking, Ryan told me that he’s working on a sequel to Abominable, and this time Hama’s doing the writing. He’ll be working from a treatment by Schiffrin and Dave Parker, but Schiffrin wouldn’t spill the beans on just what the story is. With Hama writing, it does make sense that it might be something more military in nature – could this be the Aliens of Bigfoot movies? Schiffrin did say that Jeffrey Combs would be making a return, so we have that to look forward to.

I’ll be talking to Larry Hama this weekend – maybe he’ll spill more beans on what he plans to do with Sasquatch.