Spore is going to be huge. We all know that it’s probably going to get mainstream success, but the reason for that mostly lies in the creation system, where you can put together all sorts of weird-looking creatures. I’m still wondering if people will get as excited about the many different styles of gameplay as they will at simply playing God and making beings in whatever image they want.

A few weeks ago it was announced that people looking to get a head start on creating their own little monsters will have the chance with the release of the Spore Creature Creator, which gives you full control of the incredibly intuitive system.

Today a press release went out stating a final date for the product- June 17th. There will be two version of the game released. One version of the Creature Creator will be a completely free and contain 25% of the parts of the retail version… which will cost $9.99 and have everything you can possibly use. The free version will be available on www.spore.com or the SimCity Box, which is a compilation of SimCity games coming out on June 25th.

In an incredibly smart move, both versions will allow you to upload videos of your creations to Youtube straight from the game. This is besides the comment system that allows you to say what you think of other people’s creatures, that hopefully won’t be abused as badly as our poor Chud talkbacks. The Youtube feature will be a big hit, I bet… and I actually can’t wait to see what people come up with.

One reason you might want to get in on this early? Your creature will spread throughout the internet, showing up in other people’s games. That’s right, every creature in the game will be user-created… every single one. So no two people will play the same game, and everyone will have different creatures to interact with and change as they please.

The full game of Spore will hit on September 7th in North America and September 5th in Europe.