I’m not the only one that thinks Bronx Tale when he sees this, am I?

It’s one of a handful of new screens for Mafia 2 that dropped today, seemingly because Take 2 wants people to realize that there’s more than one gangster game set in a fictional New York City coming your way.

The original Mafia killed The Godfather video game, and is easily one of the best “sandbox” (I REALLY hate that term) titles around. It’s a shame that the great game was dampered in gamer’s minds by relatively poor PS2 and Xbox ports, though. If you only played those you definitely didn’t get the full experience.

The sequel looks fantastic, and who can complain with the time period
it’s set in (the ’40s from right after WWII to the ’50s), music, and subject matter? The time means that there’s much more of a focus on cars… the ones in the original Mafia, set in the 1930s, were pretty slow and more likely to kill you for driving recklessly.

If you missed out the original trailer that debuted late last year, here it is below. Shows you some of the fun we’re in for.

Let’s hope they do a good job with this. Mafia 2 will be hitting stores either late this year or sometime early in 2009. Check out more info at the official site.