Son of Rambow has gotten a lot of attention as it’s made its way through festivals and a UK release, partially for its youthful Huck Finn-esque premise and also because the filmmakers [Hammer and Tongs] are among the fresh new wave of British filmmakers coming to the table with skill and something interesting on their mind.

The film is about two boys who are influenced by Rambo, First Blood Part II and make their own little home version of it as well as the world around these two drastically different kids and how crazy their project becomes.

Folks who have seen it have said it’s special. People whose opinion means a damn.

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1. What did the John Rambo movies influence you to do?

2. If you were to make a home movie version of any film, what would it be [aside from porn]?

3. If given the chance, would you punch a warlock in the face?