Yes, you might’ve heard rumblings about it already, but Splatterhouse is coming back. The original controversial horror game, Slatterhouse was another Namco side scrolling brawler with a big twist. Instead of just beating people up, your mask-wearing Jason-esque lead character named Rick who destroyed demons in all kinds of disgusting ways. Forget Mortal Kombat, Splatterhouse did it first.
EGM’s got the first info on a new game being created for next-gen consoles and is throwing us scraps on 1UP till its June issue is released (as magazines would not be able to survive without some kind of exclusives nowadays). The only thing they have released is the below image, which is apparently an in-game model of Rick in his hulking-out mode.

The best news, though? It’s being developed by BottleRocket, who are the guys behind The Mark of Kri and its sequel, Rise of the Kasai. Those were some underrated hack and slash adventure games that took some notice because they basically looked like incredibly violent cartoons. Really fun to play, nice fluid motion and a fun control style. Plus, the way you dispatched your enemies was brutal as hell.

So Splatterhouse looks to be in good hands for a 3D remake. All I can ask for? Include the Arcade version of the original as a bonus somewhere in there.

More info as we hear it…