I’m not able to chime in and blog nearly as much as I’d like to nowadays (job demands, family demands simply keep me away) and it seems like when I do post it’s usually with news such as this (last post was on Carlin passing I believe).

In any case… sad news.  Forrest “Forry” J. Ackerman is reported as having passed on to the Famous Monsters of Filmland in the Sky (-fi).

Forry was a one-of-a-kind Angeleno and film-lover, partial to all things science fiction, horror and fantasy.  He was instrumental in helping Ray Bradbury start his literary career and was himself very much a man of letters, having edited anthologies of science fiction and fantasy and at times being a literary agent.  His famous “Ackermansion” in Los Angeles was a museum and shrine to all things fantastic in film.  Those who knew him would say he was a friendly man who simply loved the world of speculative fiction and a good scare, even to the extent of acting (if only in a cameo at times) in a few films.  He was often generous with fans who came to him looking for Dracula’s original cape and Spock’s latex ears and opened the doors of his home museum to all on certain Saturdays as long as his health persisted.  Now those days are gone.

He will be missed…