Years ago Quentin Tarantino made two promises: one, that he would make two animes that would tie into the history of Kill Bill and two, that he would edit the two Kill Bills into one film, subtitled The Whole Bloody Affair. According to Uma Thurman we are much closer to this being a reality.

Thurman tells MTV News that one of the animes is possibly close to completion; at the very least she’s seen enough of it to tell the site that “His anime stuff is strong,” and for them to paraphrase her as saying that it will ‘blow you away.’ Whatever the anime is, it has nothing to do with her, as she’s not recorded any voicework for it (MTV speculates it’s a Bill origin story).

She also revived talk of the The Whole Bloody Affair. “Right now he’s putting the two films together with an intermission with
an added anime sequence he had already written,” she said. “So additional stories are in there, in

But what does ‘right now’ mean when it comes to QT? The guy operates on his own schedule, it seems, and he certainly has plenty of time to show up at the lovely New Beverly Cinema on the regular – although I wouldn’t dare bug him about The Whole Bloody Affair when he’s there. In my few encounters with him he’s been a nice guy, but he seems more interested in talking about the movies that are being shown than his own films.

Now a year after Grindhouse we can get back to the favored activity of Tarantino fans: impatiently tapping our foot as we wait for news of what he is actually doing next.