We’ve all experienced our first post-Breaking Bad Sunday night, and there was certainly a quiet sense of loss. Most have processed the show’s close, unpacked their feelings and started the most important step: a rewatch of the whole series! It’s my opinion that the show closed brilliantly by delivering the major climax we were all looking for out in the desert, and then becoming a haunting, thematic epilogue. It was a long-game decision made by people who know Breaking Bad is going to live on as a whole, like a televised novel. The legacy of Breaking Bad could have easily become “The Ending of Breaking Bad,” but now the show exists as something complete. I think a lot of people will feel differently about things after an A-t0-Z rewatch, especially in a few years.

By chance, this is one of many topics I had the pleasure of discussing with Jim Laczkowski on a special bonus episode of the Director’s Club Podcast he runs with Patrick Ripoll. I’m very pleased with the discussion, which runs 90m and covers the finale, the impact, and the legacy of the show. There’s no lack of Breaking Bad yammering out there, but I think we add to the chorus nicely.

You can find the episode page on their website, download it here, gank it off iTunes, or  play it below.

In my own post-finale fugue state, I’ve wandered the internet like a lost kitten, consuming what scraps of Breaking Bad minutea and discourse I could. In that time I’ve found some cool stuff that I’ll share with you below…

Metastasis Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the spanish-language remake of the show, which we’ve reported on before. The pilot appears to be a pretty beat-for-beat remake, with a much lower budget, naturally. There will be differences- a school bus rather than an RV, for example. I’ll be interested to check back in and see if the show has forged its own path in a year or two.

Tribute Supercuts

Though quickly becoming a dime a dozen, a few nice tribute trailers have shown up online. Here are a few good ones if you want to walk down memory lane…

ZaCehW2Odds & Ends

• Here a collection of promo images from across all seasons.

• A link to a CHUD pre-order of the complete series Blu-ray on Amazon.

• Empire’s 25 Best Moments – a decent list.

• A viewer had the wherewithal to rank the entire series, episode by episode. How does the list stack up for you?

Spotted any cool Breaking Bad stuff yourself? Be sure to leave a link in the comments so the rest of us can keep chipping too.