Could Burnout Paradise be the best supported next-gen game ever? It’s looking like it could be.

Along with all of the tweaks and (free!) new game modes that will be releasing soon, the guys over at Criterion dropped some more bombs on what you can expect in future updates.

The biggest deal? Motorcycles.

The strangest thing to me is not the fact that there are motorcycles here, it’s that there are PEOPLE. I guess the bikers were the only ones strong enough to survive DJ Atomika’s nuclear fallout and subsequent robot uprising. Unless of course, the rider is a android.

The bikes will have their own game modes, challenges and even new locations. Current Burnout Paradise owners will notice something else odd about the screenshot- namely, that’s nighttime! Yes, there was only a persistent daylight to Paradise before (perhaps something to do with the robotic overlords using solar power?) but now we’ll be able to drive around in darkness, with a little less traffic to make up for your lessened vision . Expect bikes to hit sometime in August as part of their ‘Davis’ software update. Yes, Bogart, Davis, there’s a theme here. There also is a strong possibility that there will be planes to fly. The mind boggles.

Besides that they’ve also noted all kinds of  extra goodies. The ‘Cagney’ update (which releases in June) will have 70 new freeburn challenges, including multi-part challenges. In other words- instead of just meeting up in a place, you’ll have to meet up and then do something. There’s also timed challenges, and leaderboards for a new co-op mode where you can do 2, 3, and 4 player challenges. Awesome.

I wish all developers kept an eye on their games like this. I also hope the updates continue to be free (unless it’s something massive, like the whole new locations they’re talking about.) Keep an eye on Criterion’s site for more updates and videos of the motorcycle in action.