Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull visited Hamilton College, his alma mater, and delivered a speech where he showed some Dark Knight footage and talked about his very geek-friendly company’s upcoming slate. The Hamilton student paper quotes him maddeningly out of context about The Man of Steel, saying he hopes to invoke the image of “an angry god.”

What the hell does that mean? Slashfilm speculates that Superman will go nutso in the sequel, but I think that Tull may very well just be trying to say ‘Superman will do stuff’ in the next movie, a huge improvement from the first.

The question, though, remains whether or not there will be a Man of Steel any time soon. A bunch of us web journalists compared notes at the Speed Racer junket last week and I think that, after taking everything into consideration, the only answer is that nobody knows. At all. I think Warner Bros is going to keep ‘developing’ the movie for the time being, but they won’t have the fire under their ass to actually get it made. The studio dropping Trick ‘r Treat, produced by Bryan Singer, and the dumping of Valkyrie probably don’t bode well for that filmmaker’s future with the Last Son of Krypton, although nobody’s told him to stop working on it yet. And the recent court ruling in favor of Jerry Siegel’s heirs certainly is muddying the waters as Warner Bros tries to figure out the possible profitability of a sequel.