Ender’s Game, the sci-fi novel by gay hating Mormon dipshit Orson Scott Card, has long been Wolfgang Petersen’s go-to for Oh Don Piano comments in interviews. But no more! The producers of the film tell Gawker Media’s new nerd blog io9* that Petersen is off, but the development continues apace as they look for a new director.

The folks at Chartoff Productions are currently meeting with directors, and they hope to get the movie started in early 2009. They also have some child actors in mind for the role of Ender, but are waiting to pick a director before making any final decisions. Meanwhile, Card has just turned in a new draft of the script, although no one is sure how much anti-gay sentiment the hater has managed to squeeze in.

* Have people weighed in on how bad this blog name is? This is coming from a guy who writes for CHUD, by the way. I was talking to a head of marketing for a major studio recently and he said, ‘Great site. But you guys should really change the name.’ Hilarious.