Wipe away those tears, PC gamers- Devil May Cry 4 is heading to your platform of choice. Nero and Dante will be kicking demon ass under the Games for Windows label this summer.

Russ wasn’t too thrilled with the console version (read his review here), but it’s shipped over 2 million units worldwide, so some of you must be digging it. To make it worth the wait, this one’s getting some new modes, such as a ‘Turbo mode’ which will (obviously) up the speed in the game, and a ‘Legendary Dark Knight Mode’ which will make your PC overheat as it tries to fill the screen with more enemies to give you an increased difficulty. (Check the screens for proof of this) The placement of enemies will be different as well.

Besides the obvious graphical upgrades, there’s also a high resolution setting that allows the pretty cut scenes to run up to 120 frames a second instead of 30. Too bad the actual game doesn’t run in this…

Expect a demo to hit shortly before release, so you can test your system to see what it can handle.