James Gunn has a couple of movie projects on the horizon, but the next time you see something from him it probably won’t be in a movie theater. G4 has found out that Gunn’s working on a show that will only be available through XBox Live.

Apparently Microsoft has been talking about making original productions available on the video game system, and Gunn may be the first out the gate – he’s going to be shooting his show, described as ‘in the vein of Wonder Showzen and South Park,’ in May. The show, which is about ‘the wacky adventures of a group of friends,’ is casting right now. They’re looking for someone to fill the role of Bikini Girl. There are filling jokes to be made here, but I’ll leave them up to your imagination.

It’s the future, people. The delivery of content is changing, and while James Gunn isn’t the biggest name in the business, he’s a respectable guy who can get film projects off the ground. Having him bringing new content to this platform is, in my opinion, a bigger deal than having some unknown doing the same thing.

Gunn’s pretty good about keeping his fans in the loop, so hopefully we’ll soon have some more info on this, and we’ll be able to find out how it affects his movies in development.