That mushy, crushed conglomeration of appendages and dark blobs represents the final theatrical poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, the long-gestating reboot of the famous Tom Clancy character from Kenneth Branagh.

The poster comes shortly after the news of Mr. Clancy passing away at age 66, and one hopes that is merely a coincidence and not a cynical PR move. Then again, it would be kind of stupid not to make sure your latest image is out there as a million eulogies go out about the author, tacky as it may be. Regardless, the real story is the trailer coming on Thursday, which will give us a first glimpse at this project, which has been such a huge priority for Paramount, and the start of a possible crossover universe.

You can credit that enthusiasm to Mr. Clancy himself, as his characters and stories have been the basis of half a dozen films, including some very successful classics like Hunt For Red October and Clear And Present Danger. Baldwin, Ford, Affleck… now Pine.