I love this image in the trailer, but I hate the way it’s been finessed into a poster (see the full version at ShockTilYouDrop.com). In the film, Liv Tyler is exhaling after a calming drag on a cigarette when the masked figure strays into the frame (audiences being particularly vulnerable to a scare when exhaling or laughing), but in this shot she’s all tensed up. Worse, she’s extending her index fingers because… that’s what no one does when they’re tense? Either your hands and fingers hang loose or you clench your fists. What she’s doing here is completely unnatural.

I’m looking forward to The Strangers, but this poster is garbage compared to the slasher throwback below – which apparently misrepresents the tone of the film. Fair enough. But there’s got to be a better option than this. At least fix the fingers. God, I sound like Jeff Wells.

The Strangers goes head-to-head with Sex and the City (and The Foot Fist Way!) on May 30th.