The Silver Chair

Finally, a film about the life and music of 90’s band Silverchair. It’s about time we learned of the highs and lows of those plucky Australian lads who took the alternative music scene by storm and…

Wait, what? This is another Narnia film? Damn. I guess my dreams of a movie about Fuel or Filter are also dashed.

Yes, that roaring lion and his mythical land of starry-eyed Christianity is back. The Mark Gordon Company and The C.S. Lewis Company (lots of companies in this thing) have forged a deal to produce a big screen adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair, based on the fourth book in Lewis’s beloved book series.

This one is about Aslan the lion calling upon two children to find the lost son of Narnia’s Prince Caspian. I don’t know who these people are but I hope that missing kid is okay!

The first Narnia film did well, seemingly setting the stage for all of Lewis’s book to make their mark on screen. But the series lost steam with Prince Caspian and was all but forgotten by the time The Voyage of The Dawn Treader hit cinemas. There was talk of adapting another of Lewis’s novels but Walden Media, the folks in charge, lost interest and all future projects withered and died.

But they’re back. The Mark Gordon Company is set on reviving the franchise, come H-E-double hockey sticks or high water. But is it too late? Doesn’t it feel like everyone is a bit tired of these family-friendly fantasy films? Hell, even The Hobbit can’t produce the hype it used to (though that might have to do with quality rather than fatigue). It just seems like this is, oh, five years too late?

But it’s not my money. Spend away, Mark Gordon Company! The world could always use more religious kids with swords.