Jason Voorhees’ mom has been cast in Platinum Dunes’ new Friday the 13th, and it’s none other than Nana Visitor, aka Major Kira from Deep Space Nine. She’s trading in that nose ridge for a ragged neck, as she’s already had her head cast for Pamela Voorhees’ decapitation.

True fans of the series will remember that the killer in the first Friday was Jason’s mom, who got her head whacked off at the end. Jason was later seen to be keeping mommy’s noggin on display in his cabin in the woods (as well as in the occasional refrigerator). Visitor tells ScreenGeeks that she only has a small role in the film; the new Friday is apparently not a remake but some kind of soft reboot, cherry picking the best aspects of the series. One of the characters is an expert on the slaughters at Camp Blood, so I imagine that Visitor will pop up in a flashback as he tells the legend of Jason and his mom around the campfire.